How to Choose Tiebacks for Your Outdoor Curtains

How to Choose Tiebacks for Your Outdoor Curtains

Curtains become a great addition to enhance the look and features of outdoor places. Furthermore, as they offer you autonomy and privacy, studies have shown they also contribute to a more sophisticated ambiance of your outdoors, a point which cannot be ignored. While a curtain panel itself can be the focal point of the room, the choice of tiebacks can complete the overall look but still hold them in position properly.

Back braces are made of different materials, styles, and colors. So, the main thing to do is to select them to your curtains and the overall outdoor theme. In this blog post you are about to read, we will instruct you how to select the right tiebacks for your outdoor curtains, taking into account things such as their durability, style, and ease.

Whether you are a brass hardware fan, a rope ties connoisseur, or a modern magnetic tie back line follower, we have you covered. Let's start straight away and browse the whole of the open-air curtain tie-backs.

Consider the Material

In terms of buying a tieback from the market, the initial thing you have to bear in your mind is what sort of material that is. In-tiebacks affected in the outdoor condition as such as sun, rain, and wind. The choice of Brass Ironmongery is common among the people because this material is not corroded and it is durable. Brass tiebacks can be a nice accent piece besides the curtains which give a vintage and luxurious look. Then there are stainless steel, which are just as strong and has a cool, modern outlook simultaneously.

If you are looking for a textural and natural look, then you can try curtain tiebacks rope. Rope tiebacks construction from weatherproof materials like polypropylene or hemp will add an appealing and organized characteristic to your outdoor space. Not only are they lightweight and easy to tie up, you can use these as your curtains when needed. These will help you adjust your curtains according to the day's requirements.

Match the Style

The second step in choosing ideal tiebacks is to match them with the style of the outdoor curtains, interior, and other décor. You can retain your as-cast or traditional curtains by opting for antique brass curtain hardware and wrought iron tiebacks. Just as sophistication and antique charm are added to your garden with such styles.

If you choose, go for a modern look with polished and low-key tiebacks made of materials such as brushed nickel, steel, or chrome. These newly fashionable tiebacks go along with décor curtains and form a straight, clutter-free look.

Ease of Use and Functionality

While choosing tiebacks for your exterior draperies, make sure that they are easy to use and highly functional. Curtain tieback hooks (or straps) are a great option since they are a quick and easy way to secure and release your curtains without any need for knot tying or untying.

Tiebacks with magnetic components can also make a great choice of user-friendly products, mostly targeting users who open and close curtain panels frequently. The strong magnets is used to comply with the curtain covering in order to remove them, when required.


Curtain Tiebacks Rope is necessary in your exterior design to complete your outdoor decor, both for looks and functionality. Considering details such as material, style, and practicality, you may identify tiebacks that are perfectly fitted for your curtains and will also go with your theme of the outdoors. At Blue Finch Interiors, we have an extensive range of tiebacks of the highest standards available.

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